the importance of

a branding board


Guarding your personal brand can be tough. It’s good to have a guidebook, so that you know the way. It’s not only about your business card, website and vehicle lettering.

No, it’s about your whole image, your online image. The complete look & feel of your Personal Brand. It needs to be consistent everywhere, in all expressions.

The solution is a brandboard.

Look & Feel

A Brandboard gives the perfect look & feel of your Personal Brand. 

Choose right

It’s so much easier to select the right photo’s for your social media with a brandboard. 

Consistency is key

A brandboard makes sure that you can be consistent. 

Make Your personal brand a Priority.

I certainly will.

Free Brandboard Template 

That’s why I made a free template for you. You can use it or you can see it as inspiration for your own brandboard. 

Because your brandboard needs to fit YOUR personal brand. 

‘Your brand is what people say when you are not in the room’

These entrepreneurs preceded you

Wauw, the brandboard looks amazing! It's exactly what I want that my brand looks & feel. Thank you!

Veerle Weijer, CEO @ Le Veer Jewerly

I love the clarity that I have now on my visual brand & content plan.

Relinde Moors, Inspirator & creator of the Money Flow Method

It all fits together perfect, it gives me so much clarity!

Marjolein Stokker, Owner 

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